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The Force Team, also known as Team 1073, is a high school FIRST® Robotics Competition team from Hollis, NH. Our base of operations is at Hollis-Brookline High School, where we assemble students from the towns of Hollis and Brookline.

The purpose of the FIRST® Robotics Competition Team at Hollis-Brookline High School is to inspire and prepare our students to become the leaders, innovators and technologically-literate citizens of tomorrow. We follow FIRST®’s vision of inspiring young people to pursue opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math by providing an accessible, innovative program that builds self-confidence, knowledge, professionalism and life skills.

Recent Activities

2022 Season - Achievements

Excellence in Engineering Award

The Excellence in Engineering Award celebrates the team that demonstrates a professional approach to the design process. Our 2022 robot Willard won the Excellence in Engineering Award at the New England District North Shore Event, New England District WPI Event, and in the Carver Division at the Houston World Championships! We are so proud of our dedicated students and mentors for making this happen!

NE District WPI Event

We are pleased to announce that we won the New England District WPI Event after seeding second and becoming an alliance captain! We would like to thank our alliance partners FRC Team 5962 (perSEVERE) and FRC Team Team 1277 (The Robotomies) for their spirit and teamwork, as well as our sponsors for supporting us!


Upcoming Off-Season Events:

BattleCry at WPI

1073 is excited to announce that we will be attending BattleCry 2022!

Summer Heat

1073 is ex to announce that we will be attending Summer Heat !

Camp Force: Summer Robotics Program

We are currently planning Camp Force 2022!

Make sure to stay up to date on team activities by following us on social media. 

1073's Camp Force is an in-person, week-long robotics day camp for students aged 12-14 who are Brookline or Hollis, NH residents. Designed to be a fun, Covid-19 safe competition, students will be split into groups of four each led by a member of Team 1073 to learn basic skills needed in the FIRST® Robotics Program. Students do not need any prior robotics experience to register! The cost of the camp is $150.

2021-22 Game Theme

Despite all of the challenges presented by the global pandemic, FIRST® competitions are back in person! We are supporting our FTC teams in their hybrid competition model, and we volunteered at multiple FLL events. We are ecstatic to be back, putting our Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition to work being FIRST® Game Changers!

Rapid React

FIRST® Robotics Teams are tasked with designing, constructing, testing, and running a new robot each season. This year's game introduces new limitations and goals for teams to adapt to. Some key strategic elements of the game are robots being limited on how many game pieces they my possess (cargo), and field elements involving a large shared center goal (hub) and two independent climbing structures (hangar) similar to monkey bars. Additionally, Rapid React adds a human element during the Autonomous period! With these new game aspects, teams will be challenged to expand on existing skills and build brand new ones.


Thank You Community!

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