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The Hollis-Brookline Robotics Raffle is run by the FIRST® Robotics Team 1073: The Force Team located at the Hollis-Brookline High School. This raffle started in 2018 as a means for the team to raise funds for new equipment and the building of our robot. We hope that this raffle promotes community awareness of The Force Team.

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About The Hollis-Brookline Robotics Raffle

Time Before Drawing

How it Works

The Force Team will be selling tickets for $10, $25, $50, and $100. The winning ticket can win up to 100 times the ticket's original cost. When the final pool is less than double the ticket's maximum earnings, up to half of the final pool can be won. After the final pool is more than double the ticket's maximum earnings, the winning ticket is worth 100 times its original cost. For example, a $10 ticket wins $1,000 when the final pool is $2,000 or over, while a $100 ticket wins $10,000 when the pool is $20,000 or over.


We have a goal of raising $10000 for the final pool. The remainder of the money from this raffle is donated to The Force Team. The tickets will be sold all year until the selection date when the winning ticket is chosen on May 4th. May the Force be with you!

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