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Our Events

Team 1073 annually hosts a FIRST® Lego League Jr. Expo for more than 36 area teams of up to 6 students from kindergarten to 4th grade. These students have worked long and hard to brainstorm and engineer solutions to real world problems. Each year students are given a different problem to solve. Using LEGO bricks, these students construct simple machines to build solutions.

We annually host a FIRST® LEGO League tournament for 24 teams of 10 to 15 students in 3rd to 6th grade. These brilliant students have worked long and hard to collaboratively engineer LEGO robots that perform task. These students are not just judged based on their robots these students present to judges about their team's core values. Some 1073 students mentor FLL teams.

All of our alumni are invited to interact and talk to current team members. This event is new enough to Team 1073 we are growing the event each year. Our alum enjoy visiting the team each year and sharing current and past stories.

Team 1073 is proud to present our newest event, Hollis Brookline FIRST® Night. This is the largest robotics exposition in the HB area. All FIRST® teams from the Hollis and Brookline are invited to demo their work to the community. Not only will there be local FIRST® teams our major sponsors have been invited to demo their latest project.

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