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About the Team

What is the Team 1073?

The Force Team, under the alias of Team 1073, is a student-run FIRST® Competition Robotics Team at Hollis-Brookline High School in Hollis, New Hampshire. Founded officially in 2002, our team first competed in 2003. Since our founding, many of our alumnus have pursued careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). The team believes in inclusion and strives to encourage the acceptance of all. Through promoting STEM and inclusion, The Force Team hopes to not only further the education of youth, but also connect with the communities around them.


Our team organization forms cooperative, specialized subgroups, in keeping with our entrepreneurial spirit. Each spring, the student leadership positions are considered for the upcoming year, and the students that are interested in leadership positions must go through an interview process, similar to that of getting a job. These interviews are conducted by mentors and the current lead student(s) of the position being run for.

In 2023, Team 1073 is running without restriction and has approximately twenty-two (22) student members, one (1) junior mentor, three (3) mentors who were formally junior mentors, and ten (10) traditional mentors.

In 2022 the team grew to nineteen (19) students and many returning mentors, re-learning how to meet in person at full capacity only to then have to limit attendance to competitions due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In 2021 the program was restarted at a limited capacity and we completed at-home challenges where only ten (10) people could utilize the space at a time due to COVID-19 restrictions.

In 2020 the program was temporarily paused and due to COVID-19 restrictions the team had to be downsized due to limitations of space constraints.

In 2019, Team 1073 had approximately forty-nine (49) student members, four (4) junior mentors (comprised of alumni), and ten (10) mentors.


The team is structured like a business. The team, usually run by two (2) student co-CEOs but not this year, is broken down into four (4) subgroups: Electromechanical, Software, Business and Strategy. Each subgroup is led by a student, who is referred to as a VP or Lead. This structure is a vital part of the team's dynamics, and greatly improves productivity through following chains of communication and order while still delegating tasks and specializing in skill sets. The team also encourages "cross class" learning and attending meetings and projects of other groups to widen skillsets and perspectives.

"Team 1073 has been the most fun learning experience for my high school career."

"FIRST® is so much more than robots—it teaches us cooperation and leadership skills."


Season Schedule


During this time, Team 1073 competes in two competitions that determine their ability to compete in the FIRST® Championship. The number of meets fluctuate depending on the state of the robot and the projects that need to be completed.



May through July


The Force Team meets once to twice a week depending on the Off-Season projects, demo practices, and preparation for events.

The team meets several times a week, as needed. During this time, we demo our robot, participate in competitions, host events, prepare for Build Season, and help our local community.


August through December



Starting on Kick-Off, a day that permits the building of the robot for that season, requires the team to meet almost daily. Each subgroup's schedule varies based off of their tasks, which ultimately lead to the goal of completing the robot by our first competition of the season. Here, we encourage interaction between students and mentors in a one-of-a-kind learning experience. This collaboration gives students valuable insights into engineering and real-world project development that will aid them for years to come.


January through Mid-February


Build Season

Mid-February through April


Competition Season

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