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Personnel Safety

Personal Protective Equipment

For Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), students are expected to buy their own safety glasses to maintain. Those who wear eyeglasses are suggested to get prescription safety glasses or are required to obtain safety glasses that are meant to cover their eyeglasses. When carrying equipment that could cause possible injuries, gloves are required to protect hands from cuts and splinters.
Pictured Here: Field trip to MilliporeSigma where PPE was safety shoes, booties, safety glasses, hairnet, gown, Nitrile gloves, with isopropyl alcohol wipes

Mentor Safety

Adults must be cleared with our school in order to become a mentor. These mentors are to respect physical and emotional boundaries of students, practice and teach Gracious Professionalism®, and act in a role of guidance rather than driving toward the end decision. Additionally, the use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs is absolutely prohibited. If a tool and/or object has been deemed dangerous, mentors will come in and help the students so that they do not get hurt.

Student Safety

Team Handbook cover.PNG
Students are required to sign a leads-approved team handbook to be on the team. This standardization of behavior and expectations set the foundation for the safety culture. Students are expected to learn and develop their knowledge of safety through the Integration subgroup and to exhibit it at all times. There is a presentation every year along with safety-related activities for the students to become more educated on our safety culture.


Accountability is an important aspect of safety. There is an attendance sheet of who goes to the All-Hands meetings to involve the merit system and keep track of our members. Essentially, if a student does not go to a majority of meetings, then they are held accountable. If there are limited car seats to competition, those students will be unable to go. There are multiple reasons for this: with excessive absenteeism, the safety culture is at stake due to lack of exposure and participation; attending events wearing team regalia represents the team; active participation and dedication are team values and not well represented through absences; and, in the event there is a shortage of cars, trimming the attendance list can be handled objectively.

Transportation/Car Lists

Car Lists - YPP Scanned.PNG
The car lists are based on several factors. Team members who have significant allergies are placed in appropriately controlled transportation. Car seat capacities are strictly adhered to as well. Parents may drive their own children without SAU approval, but students may not drive themselves to any team sponsored event. In the event of a team member that travelled with the team needs to leave/arrive separately, we have a hand-off system between the adult providing student transportation and a team mentor to verify the student exchange.


The team is accommodating of all present dietary restrictions, whether it be lactose intolerance, food allergies, or dietary restrictions. Students who have allergies are urged to carry their own EpiPen on them at all times, especially when we are not at the school. When it comes to providing food on the team, there is a strict “no nut” policy.
Allergy Safe.jpg


When it comes to talking to others on the team, Discord is our primary means of communication. From sending people to the pits for robot issues to food arriving at competitions, Discord is the official way that The Force Team communicates. Discord is also used to inform all members of our evacuation plans and muster points in cases of emergency. Those who want to get a quick response from individuals use calls or phone messaging.
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