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We are proud to host and support a healthy and safe learning and working environment for students and mentors alike. It is our mission to grow a strong safety culture where members look out for each other and not just themselves. We are looking forward and learning from the past to improve and innovate our safety program constantly, through this website we strive to spread awareness and aide others teams in their growth and development of their own safety culture. 

Dupont Bradley Curve

The Dupont Bradley Curve shows the progression from totally watching and enforcing safety to members enforcing it on their owns as a culture. We use this as our goal for each new year and to sustain the model from year to year.

First Aid, CPR, and AED Training

First Aid training and certification is a key aspect of safety on The Force Team. We work hard to eliminate any possible injuries. As a team, we reached out to our local community and found two First Aid, CPR, and AED training instructors. For the past two years, these individuals have helped educate the team, resulting in the certification of 60% of The Force Team. We have used this training across the board, from applications in school to injuries at sporting events, and administering First Aid to a young boy at a local town event.

Safety Talks

As part of our weekly meeting, the safety subgroup quizzes the team about precautions to stay safe.
We have worked with MilliporeSigma to improve our safety cultures and achieve our goal of Road to Zero, a mission for no injuries. MilliporeSigma kindly donated an AED to add to our First Aid station. 
Reaching out to companies and professionals, we continue to discover more methods to better our actions and precautions. Furthermore, we apply OSHA regulations to enforce a safe environment.

Quiz Questions

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Emergency Plans Through Slack

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During competitions, panic and stress can set in. It is the job of our General Managers (GMs) and Safety Captain to ensure and encourage safe behavior, regardless of the scenario. Our safety team–equipped with our First Aid, CPR, and AED trained members–search for all of the First Aid and AED stations at each venue. Afterwards, they identify suitable evacuation routes for each major area of the venue and locate a meeting spot for team members. Through our Slack channel, the entire team is notified of all the First Aid and AED stations, evacuation routes, and our meeting spot.

Safety Seminar Presentation

We spread our safety culture through our seminars where we use the following presentation. 
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