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1073's Camp Force is an in-person, week-long robotics day camp for students aged 12-14 who are residents of either Brookline or Hollis, NH. Designed to be a fun, Covid-19 safe competition, students will be split into groups of four each led by a member, comprised of both students and mentors, of Team 1073 to learn basic skills needed in the FIRST® Robotics Program. They will be tasked with designing a robot to compete in a game that will be revealed on the first day. In addition to basic programming and design principles, they will learn how to work with a team and make decisions. On Friday, teams will go head-to-head in a competition to demonstrate the skills they learned. The cost of the camp is $150. Team 1073 will be accepting several forms of payment. 

Registration Will Open Later in the Year.

Camp Info:

Dates: TBD
Hours of Operation: TBD
Age Range: 12 - 14 years old   **Must also be a resident of Brookline or Hollis**
Cost: $150
Location: Hollis Brookline Middle School, Ms. White’s Room and Room 107 (1073 HQ)
Max Students: TBD

Day-by-Day Camp Breakdown Example


Day 1: Students will assemble and test their Romi Bots, including an intro to Java programming.

Day 2: Students will learn the basics of TinkerCAD and design a robotic mechanism to fulfill a certain challenge.

Day 3: Students will assemble and test their designs out of cardboard, and make rapid iterations to improve them. Team 1073 will also run a demo of their most recent robot, Snapshot!

Day 4: Students will test their completed robots and practice their driving skills before the official competition begins.

Day 5: Students will be able to show off their robots and participate in a mini-competition.


Is this camp in-person? How are you ensuring safety?


We are planning on hosting this in-person camp with new safety protocols created by 1073's award-winning Safety subgroup, working closely with the HB school administration. Individual student groups will be assigned to two separate rooms, and each student will be given ample space within individual workstations to fulfill social distancing requirements. We plan on providing each student with a team computer for the duration of the camp so that they may complete programming and CAD work individually. For more information on 1073's COVID-19 safety practices, please email, or our resident safety captain at

When is the deadline for camp registration?

Registration will open later in the year. 

How many students will be participating?

We are currently exploring options in accordance with the HBMS administration. 

Where will Camp Force be held?

Camp Force will be held in Room 107 and Mrs. White's room inside Hollis Brookline Middle School. The primary entrance is the door to Room 107, which 1073 members frequently use during meetings.

Does my student need any prior robotics experience to attend?

No, students will learn the skills required to create their robot over the course of the week. No prior experience is needed!


The primary entrance to Room 107 (Camp Force designated drop-off area), located in the back of Hollis Brookline Middle School (HBMS) near the Mini-Gym. 

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