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The Hollis-Brookline Robotics Raffle: Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the drawing?
    May 4th, 2024 at 7:00 PM EST
  • Where is the drawing?
    Hollis Brookline High School 24 Cavalier Court Hollis, NH 03049
  • Am I guaranteed to win 100 times my ticket cost? "
    No. You will win half of the pool if the final pool's worth is less than double your maximum earnings. Otherwise, you will win 10,000% of the cost of your ticket.
  • What is the pool worth right now?
    You can see the current pool value under the current progress tab under raffle on this website. We began selling tickets on 11/6/2018.
  • What is 10,000% of my ticket's worth? "
    It is the equivalent of 100 times of the ticket's worth. Maximum Earnings: $10 --> $1,000 $25 --> $2,500 $50 --> $5,000 $100 --> $10,000
  • Do I have a better chance of winning if I purchase a more expensive ticket?
    You do not have a better chance of winning, but if a more expensive ticket is drawn, then you will win more money.
  • Would it be better to purchase ten $10 tickets rather than one $100 ticket?
    It depends on what you find better. Buying ten $10 tickets will increase your odds of winning the raffle, but buying one $100 ticket will increase your maximum earnings.
  • Can I buy multiple tickets?
  • Do you have a permit for the raffle?
    Yes, the Selectmen of the Town of Hollis have jurisdiction because the drawing will be in Hollis, and they have issued a permit to the team for the raffle.
  • Do you have a permit from the Town of Brookline?
    No, but we do not need one because the drawing will be in Hollis.
  • Are ticket purchases tax deductible?
    We cannot answer that. You should contact your tax advisor.
  • What does the team use the money for?
    After the remainder of the money, after the winner's earnings have been deducted, will go to The Force Team to help cover team expenses. Our annual budget is about $60,000, which includes the materials and tools to build the robot; annual registration and entrance fees for competitions; and travel fees.
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