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North Shore District Event Unbag

On Tuesday March 12th, the first of two planned un-bag sessions occurred in preparation for North Shore District Event. Originally scheduled to be 3 hours, the first un-bag was extended 30 minutes leaving the second un-bag session with 2.5 hours. Significant previous planning was done, resulting in the realization of needing to fit 14.5 hours worth of work into a 6 hour window. As part of our focus on safety and project management, all tasks were broken out into what state the robot needed to be in for the change to occur (On, off, disabled), what preparatory work needed to be complete prior to the task being done, and what tools/parts needed to be ready to go. Additionally, team members were assigned tasks based on their specialties! All tasks were then organized to identify parallel processes regarding which parts of the robot were being worked on, who was needed at any given time, and what state the robot needed to be in for the work to be complete. Ultimately three "tracks" were created in parallel, with a student lead (project manager) kitting bins of parts and tools ahead of time followed by leading each of the tracks (tasks and task teams) during the un-bag process.

These 14.5 hours were a mixture of tasks including new bumper braces, weight reduction efforts across many mechanisms, gearbox changes, swapping old motors for new, installing smaller newer mechanisms that had been prototyped and tested on Freddie, and preparations for additional sensors, such as limit switches to keep Mercury from harming itself during operation, and camera mounting.

First night of un-bag prior to North Shore District Event, all 3 project managers are working on managing 3 task groups in parallel working on Mercury.

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