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Summer Workshops

In August 2020,  FIRST® Robotics Competition Team 1073 will be opening our remote summer training workshops to the community. Each subgroup (Electromechanical, Software, Safety, Strategy, Business) will be giving at least one. Some will be through Google Meet, and some will simply be videos that can be watched on one's own time. Feel free to sign up for any workshops that interest you using the button above. Workshops may be added at any time, so make sure to check back here often!

Java Basics

This consists of three sessions with the main focus to help the software subgroup sharpen their Java skills. This is useful after some time away from the team and to help those outside FIRST® Robotics Competition Teams understand how we use Java to write robot code. Three topics will be covered. Methods, Classes, and Subsystems, something unique to the Library we use for FRC robot programming. Each session is stand alone, but it is recommended that you attend each.

Dates (6:30-7:30pm each session):

Methods - 8/4

Classes - 8/11

Subsystems - 8/25

The Magic of Vision Processing

Join this workshop to learn about how we use OpenMV cameras for simple and easily learned vision processing to detect objects and even determine our position relative to those objects.

Date (6:30-7:30pm): 8/25

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