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FRC 1073 At Old Home Days

Did you see us at Old Home Days on Saturday, September 15th? Old Home Days is an annual event hosted in Hollis, New Hampshire. We demonstrated to our community what FRC 1073 does as a team at Old Home Days. We were able to show off our newly wrapped trailer, which gathered lots of interest from the community. Because this was an outdoor event, our safety team knew that not only could the hot sun cause problems, but that they should be conscious about bees and hornets at the event as well. When we saw someone get stung by a hornet that was hiding in an underground nest, our First Aid certified safety team jumped into action and brought two first aid kits over! The team successfully assisted the person that got stung. Luckily, the community member had only gotten stung once on the ankle. He was taken care of in a matter of minutes and was sent off to enjoy the rest of his day on the rides. We are proud that our trained safety team was able to help out. Overall, the weather cooperated, and this was another successful outreach and demo opportunity in our community.

Written by Kimmy J.

FRC 1073 gets ready to meet the community!

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