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Rookie Day/Open House

The Force Team annually holds a Rookie Night at the middle school. This year we decided to combine this event with an Open House so that rookies, fellow students, sponsors, and parents could see the team structure and what each subgroup does. This year, attendees got to see quite the variation in activities: Business and Competition Strategy (BACS) showed off the new team website, FIRST media, graphic design software, scouting, and provided allergy-safe foods; Software featured their new LiDAR equipment that allows the robot to detect and follow Power Cubes around in the gymnasium; Integration handled safety and First Aid equipment inside the conference room, with the addition of some snacks; and, finally, Mechanical and Electrical were in the shop with Rookie activities, while Electrical displayed an astounding speaker demonstration. Overall, each subgroup put up quite the display during this year’s Open House/Rookie Night! We're looking forward to this year and our newest members and supporters.

Written by Megan S.

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